My research interests: migration and its effects on development, growth and inequality, migration policies and their impact on migration flows and immigrant's integration in host societies.

Peer-reviewed publications:

Dealing with undocumented immigrants: the welfare effects of amnesties and deportations, Journal of Demographic Economics (forthcoming) CREA Discussion Paper 2017-11
4. Income, population and migration flows in the 21st century (with Frédéric Docquier), Italian Economic Journal, Volume 3, Issue 2pages 125–149  (invited lead article),Centro Studi Luca D’Agliano Development Studies Working Papers N.421
3. Quels gains peut-on espérer d'une libéralisation de la migration? Reflets et Perspectives de la vie économique (2016; invited contribution), 2016/3 (Tome LV), pages 45-58.
2. Global competition for attracting talents and the world economy (with Frédéric Docquier), The World Economy (2016), Volume 39, Issue 4, pages 530-542, April 2016;IRES Discussion Paper 2014-020
1. Efficiency gains from liberalizing labor mobility, (with Frédéric Docquier and Khalid Sekkat), The Scandinavian Journal of Economics (2015), Volume 117, Issue 2, pages 303–346, April 2015; IRES Discussion Paper 2012-023

Working Papers:

4. Return Plans and Migrants' Behaviour (with Bastien Chabé-Ferret and Jackline Wahba)
IZA Discussion Paper 10111(R&R )
3. The Gain from the Drain (with Constanza Biavaschi, Michal Burzynski and Benjamin Elsner) IZA Discussion Paper 10275; Media coverage: IZA Newsroom
2. The dynamic implications of liberalizing global migration, (wih Marco Delogu and Frédéric Docquier),IRES Discussion Paper 2013-029 (R&R)
--- --- ----  FERDI Working Paper P88
1. On the welfare impacts of an immigration amnesty, IRES Discussion Paper 2012-010  (updated version of the model forthcoming in JODE)

Book chapters:

- Remittances and migration prospects for the 21st century. (with Frédéric Docquier) In: M. Boussichas and P. Guillaumont, Financing sustainable Development, Economica (2015). FERDI Working paper P133(2015)

Other publications and poliy briefs:

- Crise des réfugiés: quelques clarifications s'imposent ! Regards Economiques n°119, Octobre 2015 (with Frédéric Docquier)
- Revenu, population et flux migratiores au 21éme siécle - un défi sociétal pour l'Europe, STUDIA OECONOMICA POSNANIENSIA, Vol.2, no 12/2014 (with Frédéric Docquier)

On economic forecasting (All my publications in French can be found on the website of the Regards économiques):

- Rytis Bagdziunas, Vincent Bodart, Vanessa Lutgen, Joël Machado et Catherine Smith, « Perspectives Economiques 2013-2014 », Regards Economiques, n°101, n°105, n°109, n°113, n°115 2013-2014
- Vincent Bodart, Jean-François Carpantier, Vanessa Lutgen, Joël Machado et Catherine Smith, « Perspectives Economiques 2012-2013 », Regards Economiques, n°97, July 2012.
- Vincent Bodart, Jean-François Carpantier, Guy Legros, Vanessa Lutgen, Joël Machado et Catherine Smith, « Perspectives Economiques 2012 », Regards Economiques, n°94, January 2012.
- Vincent Bodart, Jean-François Carpantier, Guy Legros, Vanessa Lutgen, Joël Machado, Vincent Scourneau, Catherine Smith et Géraldine Thiry, « Perspectives Economiques 2011-2012 », Regards Economiques, n°89, July 2011.

Media coverage:

- Waarom migratie (meestal) goed is voor de economie, Knack (in dutch) (31/03/2017)
- Migration beeinflusst Wirtschaft, Luxemburger Wort (10/06/2016)

My co-authors:

Some of my co-authors share interesting material and/or datasets (click on the name to access their homepage):

Costanza Biavaschi, Lecturer, University of Reading (UK)
Michal Burzynski, Post-Doctoral Researcher,
Université Catholique de Louvain, IRES
Bastien Chabé-Ferret, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Université Catholique de Louvain, IRES
Marco Delogu , Phd, KPMG
Frédéric Docquier, FNRS and Université Catholique de Louvain, IRES (access to several datasets related to migration)
Benjamin Elsner, IZA
Tobias Müller, Université de Genève
Khalid Sekkat, Université Libre de Bruxelles
Jackline Wahba, University of Southampton